Taobao agent operation

Introduction to agency operation

Focusing on the agent operation service of each platform, providing free diagnosis and detailed operation of stores, one-stop agent operation company. Insist on proving professionalism with cases and sharing experience with analysis!

We have the operation experience of the decade. The company has a big data center to provide data support for operation and marketing services, help merchants to conduct consumer insight, analyze production and marketing structures, and formulate refined marketing strategies. With leading technology as the core and innovative services as the support, we have provided customized operation services for traditional SMEs, formed an innovative e-commerce industry wide service chain, helped enterprises speed up their transformation, and opened the business future of the "Internet+" era.

1. Taobao agent operation

Provide one-stop Taobao escrow agent operation service, rich platform resources, and senior practical technical team.

2. Tmall agent operation

Professional Tmall stores operate elaborately and are managed in all directions to create the best Tmall store that is most suitable for users

3. JD agent operation

JD store trusteeship, professional team operation, private customized services, and comprehensive improvement of stores

4. Agency operation of Tmall Global

Meet the needs of different categories of businesses, refine operations, and solve various store problems

5. JD International Agency Operation

Professional demand interpretation, accurate operation, help enterprises easily achieve a win-win situation of "brand" and "profit"

Our team has many years of experience in store operation and management, and can integrate the advantages of multi-channel resources. Through the analysis of huge database information, we can bring about a qualitative leap for store upgrading and provide customers with the most effective marketing plan. The company employs a senior visual designer, Jianji, as the director of the design department. The dramatic design concept makes Taoyiyun Art Design highly praised in the industry. Teacher Wen Man, a network operation expert with rich practical experience, is in charge of the operation department, helping many online and offline traditional stores successfully reach the top of Internet+and make perfect online layout and planning in combination with various industries.

With data and innovation as the core and technology as the driving force, we provide overall business solutions and services for brands. Including e-commerce operation solutions, content e-commerce solutions, digital marketing solutions and new retail solutions, we are committed to becoming a leading smart business partner, building and advancing together with brands in the future digital economic environment.

As an overall solution operation team, we have a group of senior professionals in the industry to ensure professionalism and leadership in data analysis, brand strategy, integrated marketing and other fields