Taobao agent operation

Why do you want to find Tmall for operation? What is the service content of Tmall's agent operation?

Tmall agent operation

Today, let's talk about what to do if the store is not well built. There are many reasons why the store is not doing well. If we want to solve the problem quickly, we can consider finding a Tmall agent operation company to cooperate with. Let's see what the service content of Tmall agent operation is.

1. Store positioning service

Only by finding our own position can we go further. The role of store positioning is to point out the development direction for us and lay the foundation for our product sales.

2. Overall operation planning of the store

Tmall agent operation company can use various tools to make a brief assessment of the current status of the store, identify the problems of the store according to the current status of the store, and make long-term and short-term operation planning of the store in combination with competitors' data.

3. Decoration and optimization of stores

The decoration of the store is mainly to arrange the detailed page of the store, mainly from the perspective of the product itself, to arrange the overall color points, style and structure of the store. Set up by type, formulate various plans, design and decorate from multiple perspectives, and focus on upgrading and optimizing the customer experience, page purchase process, etc. Personalized design shall be made based on the advantages of products and industries to highlight the main selling points of Babies. In addition, it will also optimize the baby title to make it easier to retrieve and highlight the advantages of the product.

4. Promotion and marketing

Tmall agent operation can carry out market-oriented promotion of stores. Through internal and external combination, internal means all aspects of promotion of stores for various activities, such as through train, Juhuasuan, etc., and planning the activity scheme to the development of activities at one time.

We have tried our best to do a good job in the sales of the store, but poor results still occur from time to time. So in order to reduce this situation and make our efforts worthwhile, we need to find a Tmall agent operating company to manage the store for us. After seeing their service content, we should have a clear idea. We can spend more time to understand and find a good Tmall agent operating company.