Taobao agent operation

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JD International Agency Operation

How to do JD International's agent operation? Which is a good JD International agent operation company? Many shopkeepers have opened new stores, but they have good supplies, but they don't know how to play Taobao Jingdong International. They are exhausted from working offline every day. They don't have time to learn how to promote. So many shopkeepers will entrust online store operation to professionals.

Yiya is committed to becoming a good e-commerce service provider and partner. We help enterprises grow. It is Yiya's corporate philosophy to enhance value for enterprises. The mission of Yiya brand is to provide one-stop e-commerce outsourcing services for global enterprises. The services cover: overall hosting of online stores, including preliminary planning, store design, online store operation, online store promotion Online store customer service, brand promotion, etc.  
Preliminary planning

[Industry data collection, market analysis, product analysis, pricing suggestions, store style suggestions, etc.]

Store design


[Overall page design, homepage and inner page layout, copywriting, daily page optimization, event page planning, through train pictures, event pictures and event posters of stores on PC and wireless terminals]

Online store operation

[Product on and off shelf management, baby title management, product market research, industry and store data analysis, store diagnosis, development and implementation of store marketing plans, etc.]

Online store promotion

[Direct train, Taobao passengers, drill show management, keyword search optimization, store theme activity planning and management, event declaration and implementation, planning and implementation of various activities on PC and wireless terminals, off-site promotion management, promotion effect analysis and suggestions, etc.]

Online store customer service


[Consultation reception, question answering, shopping guide, order processing, problem solving, etc.]

Brand promotion


[Brand positioning focus, product selling points planning, brand theme activity planning, event marketing, brand off-site soft text promotion, brand degree promotion, etc.]

However, with the rapid development of e-commerce, many service providers have sprung up in JD International's proxy operation industry, but there are too many unreliable companies in this industry. So, which one is better for JD International to operate on behalf of others?

First of all, the agent operation industry is nationwide. If it is limited to a certain region, many professional companies will be missed. The current communication method is very convenient and fast. So in the later stage, choose an agent operation company. Don't miss the appropriate agent operation company because of the regional problems.