Taobao agent operation

What is the difference between Tmall Global and Tmall Store operation?

Agency operation of Tmall Global

First, commodity circulation

When you enter Tmall Global Shopping, you can not only release the comprehensive information content of products on the re service platform, but also obtain the new and most comprehensive industry dynamic information content, including competitor status, seasonal product information, specific consumer information and other related mining information, as well as the acquisition information of potential consumers.

Second, operation mode

The core revenue of Tmall Global Shopping has two aspects. One is the profit of direct marketing products, and the other is the sales commission of merchants and customers on the service platform. In addition, Tmall Global Shopping will continue to provide personalized services to merchants above the service platform, such as keyword promotion, advertising, credit rating and other standard service items.

Third, marketing means

Tmall Global will adopt email marketing, set email advertising according to customer needs, and conduct advertising on email to attract customers. Baidu search engine marketing promotion, marketing promotion on Baidu search engine, advertising, etc., to attract customers. And new marketing methods such as new media marketing and website alliance to expand the sales market.

Fourth, cross-border e-commerce logistics

The vast majority of stores on Taobao Global are independent individuals, which have not yet formed a huge scale of operation, and most of them have not yet established their own cross-border e-commerce logistics management systems. Therefore, the freight logistics basis of Tmall Global's products is the freight logistics company established by the merchants or the cooperative freight logistics company.

Fifth, payment management system

Alibaba Online Shopping takes Tmall Global Shopping as a subsidiary of the group, and Alibaba Online Shopping Group as a support point. It is similar to Taobao in the way of asset operation. With Alipay wallet, Tmall Global Shopping only serves as a service platform for the buyer's personal credit intermediary. The buyer and the seller cause the purchase and sale of goods. After the customer purchases the goods and makes payment, Tmall Global will deposit the loan in Alipay platform, then remind the store to receive the loan and send a delivery notice.

Tmall Global will transfer the loan of export customs declaration business to the in store account, and the customer will pay immediately after receiving the goods. This operation mode ensures the asset security and personal credit between the store owner and the customer.

VI. Guarantee of laws and regulations

The sustainable development of e-commerce subject must have a lot of assets, and the protection of laws and regulations and the supervision of government departments can reasonably guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of e-commerce subject, promote the healthy development trend of e-commerce industry, and the preferential treatment at the tax level can greatly reduce the transaction costs of e-commerce.