Taobao agent operation

What are the entry conditions and fees of Tmall Global?

Agency operation of Tmall Global

Conditions for entering Tmall Global

one Company entities with qualifications outside the mainland of China (the main body of opening a store must be an overseas or Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan entity ); The beauty shop requires the company to be fully established one There is no age requirement beyond the year.

two Having trademarks registered overseas or in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan (R mark ) , some categories TM The bid is OK, but it needs a second review ;

three . It can provide a complete authorization link from the trademark holder to the store company ;

four . Provide the account opening certificate of overseas bank (the overseas bank must be a bank whose bank address is overseas, or if the bank account is an offshore account, the account opening certificate of the offshore account shall be provided) ;

five Having the qualifications and licenses related to overseas retail and other businesses.

Fees for entering Tmall Global:

one Store deposit

R The trademark deposit is as follows: brand flagship stores and exclusive stores (TM )Trademark deposit ten 10000 yuan, special category and scenario deposit thirty Ten thousand.

two , Annual fee

Annual fees of Tmall Global are divided into three RMB 10000 or six RMB 10000 in two levels, with the first level category as the reference.

three Real time deduction of software service fee ( commission )

Tmall Global stores should be based on a certain percentage of their sales ( Referred to as "rate"). Generally 2%-5%

In addition, in addition to the commission and annual fee, Tmall Global Overseas Alipay also needs to charge additional fees 1% Alipay commission.