Taobao agent operation

How to operate Tmall Global stores

Agency operation of Tmall Global

There are many types of stores on Tmall, such as Tmall's official stores, Tmall's flagship stores, and of course Tmall Global stores. Each store has its own characteristics. So here are some examples of how to operate Tmall Global stores on behalf of agency operators? What are the operation methods?

one Analyze products and markets

Many factors will affect the transformation of Tmall stores, but commodities are the most important. Only when customers have a strong interest in commodities can they realize the possibility of shopping. Of course, in terms of products, the most important must be product planning and visual design.

On the e-commerce platform, there is no shortage of goods. The only lack is the accurate positioning of the popularity of goods in the market. If there is no good product, so many marketing means are useless. In many stores, what can attract customers' attention? That is the visual design in the store. Good visual effects can improve the click rate of products, thereby improving the depth of user experience and user transformation.

two Marketing means

Tmall Global adopts email marketing, that is, to attract customers through email subscriptions and advertisements in mailboxes. Search engine marketing is to attract users through advertising and promotion on major search engines. At the same time, expand the market through new marketing means such as social marketing and website alliance. Tmall Global attaches great importance to promotion. In addition to regular discount activities, buy one get one free, limited time rush purchase and other promotions, Tmall Global has also introduced some overseas promotions such as overseas discounts, Christmas promotion, online shopping Monday and so on.

three Cross border logistics

The partners of Tmall Global include EMS , China Post, Hongkong Post, Shunfeng, DHL, TNT Etc. Businesses can choose their own logistics companies according to their own characteristics. Customers can also negotiate with businesses to choose the best local logistics companies. If there are a large number of orders every month, the logistics company will give some discounts, which can reduce operating costs and increase profits.

Tmall also needs to analyze the data of the store, because these data can reflect the real situation of the store. Through analysis, the store can better adjust and optimize!