Taobao agent operation

What is the difference between Tmall Global and Tmall flagship store?

Agency operation of Tmall Global
In fact, there is no difference between Tmall Global and Tmall flagship stores. They are just different in channels, operations and nature. They are completely incomparable. They are just like furniture supplies and grain and oil supplies in supermarkets. How can we compare good and bad products in two different fields.
Tmall Global: Similar to Tmall Global, Tmall Global is an e-commerce shopping platform of Alibaba that mainly deals in overseas goods. On February 19, 2014, Ali announced that Tmall Global was officially launched, providing domestic consumers with imported goods with original packaging. The commodities sold are all originated or sold overseas, and formally enter the customs through the Chinese customs through international logistics.

Tmall flagship store: Tmall flagship store is an ordinary single brand flagship store, and only one brand flagship store can be opened. The official flagship store will only be allowed by the reviewers when a very strong merchant enters the store, and the store will be attached with an official label. Unless the reviewers take the initiative to add, the merchant will not have the opportunity to request. If the store does sell very late, Tmall will also consider adding official certification later.

Differences between Tmall Global and its direct stores:

1. The nature of goods is different: flagship stores mainly sell domestic goods, while the goods sold by Tmall Global originate or are sold overseas.
2. Tmall Global is an overseas company (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao) with different store types. Tmall Global has direct stores at home and abroad, but most of them are domestic companies
3. The usage fees are different between Tmall Global and Tmall stores, and the margins and platform usage fees are different. I won't elaborate here. If you want to know, I will tell you about it next time
4. Different delivery channels: Tmall Global adopts direct mail, and the goods are delivered in the bonded area. Tmall's direct stores deliver goods in China
5. Different store operation methods
6. Different delivery channels: Tmall Global generally adopts direct mail and bonded area delivery, while flagship stores basically deliver goods from all over the country.

Everyone has their own preferences. If you want to buy domestic goods, you can choose Tmall Global direct stores. If you want to buy overseas imported goods, you can choose Tmall Global. Both are very reliable, and you can rest assured!!!