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What is the difference between Tmall Global import supermarket and Tmall Global overseas warehouse direct purchase?

Agency operation of Tmall Global
Tmall Global import supermarkets are mainly foreign-funded overseas enterprises. The goods sold are all originated or received from overseas. They are sold at home through foreign logistics and customs, which is also commonly known as overseas purchase. Tmall Supermarket, like many domestic supermarkets, has both imported products and Chinese products. Of course, it is not all the difference of products, but the difference of enterprises.

There are two differences between Tmall Global and Tmall Supermarket:

1. There are differences between the merchants settled in and the commodities sold: the merchants of Tmall Global are all corporate entities outside the mainland of China (not overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and have overseas retail qualifications; The commodities sold are all originated or sold overseas. They enter the customs through international logistics through the Chinese customs, and directly supply domestic consumers with imported commodities with original packaging overseas.

Tmall Global does not have the same requirements for countries and regions as Tmall Global. Like its name, it is mainly a supermarket, just like many domestic supermarkets. The main products sold by Tmall Global are often used in daily life. There are both imported products and Chinese products, not only overseas products like Tmall Global.

2. The logistics requirements are different: Tmall Global requires merchants to complete the delivery within 120 hours and arrive within 14 working days, and ensure that the logistics information can be tracked throughout. Due to the need to cross the border at home and abroad, the speed is slower than that of Tmall Supermarket, which is based on local online retail supermarkets.

Some friends have bought fake goods on overseas shopping before, so they will worry about the question, is this direct purchase of Tmall Global overseas warehouse genuine? The imported supermarket products of Tmall Global are basically reliable. But it is not completely guaranteed. After all, the products still depend on the brands and merchants, but most of them are flagship stores, and relatively few official stores.

In most cases, you can still shop freely on it. If it is a product you pay special attention to, you can buy it in other ways without worrying about whether you will buy fake products on it. Now many domestic users will search for brand/product keywords through the off site platform (an off site promotion data mining platform like Xinhuokol), check the online red tape evaluation video, and then decide to place an order to purchase. For example, most products on Xinhuokol platform have product landing pages of major e-commerce platforms (off site platforms include Amazon, Independent Station, AliExpress, eBay, etc.) Compared with products purchased on large platforms, after-sales service will also be more guaranteed.