Taobao agent operation

How does Tmall Global settle in?

Agency operation of Tmall Global
Stage 1: Application for residence

1. Query application qualification

Brand: As for the hot brands listed by Tmall, businesses can recommend high-quality brands to Tmall. Some categories are not limited to brands.

Enterprises: legally registered enterprise users need to provide all relevant documents required by Tmall for settlement, and individual businesses and non mainland enterprises are not acceptable.

[Note: The same subject opens multiple Tmall stores, which requires that the brands and goods operated between stores shall not be duplicate, and only one franchise store under one business category can apply]

2. Data preparation

1. Click to download all qualification lists, and pay attention to the category, store type and brand source of the selected business.

2. All the prepared materials need to be stamped with the official seal of the store opening company.

3. If the merchant is short of application materials, the platform will return them to the merchant, so the merchant had better prepare the materials before application, and strive to pass the review at one time.

3. Submit settlement materials

The settlement materials submitted include the following parts:

1. Select store type/brand/category

2. Fill in the brand information

3. Fill in enterprise information

4. Store name

Stage II. Review

1. Brand evaluation

For non Tmall hot brands, Tmall will evaluate the strength of enterprises and brands.

1. Brand positioning: style, audience, unit price.

2. Brand operation strength: the time of brand establishment, offline operation, Taobao or other platform operation.

3. Brand characteristics: original designer brand, characteristic service.

4. Enterprise strength: factory, enterprise award, operation plan and other characteristic information.

2. Qualification review

1. The qualification is true and effective.

2. The scale meets the entry requirements.

3. The authorization is valid and the link is complete.

4. The production, business scope and product safety qualification are complete and meet the licensing requirements of national administrative regulations.

Stage 3: Improve store information

1. Activate account

1) Set password.

2) Fill in the mobile phone number and email address.

3) Complete Alipay real name authentication.

2. Complete relevant tasks before opening the store

1. According to different types of stores, the tariff standards are divided into flagship stores, franchised stores and franchised stores, and different types of business owners are also different, including R mark and TM mark.

2. Ensure sufficient balance in Alipay.

3. Complete the deposit of deposit and annual fee of technical service within 15 days.

Stage 4: Opening a store

1. Release goods

1) A specified number of goods will be released before the store goes online. Among them, 30 pieces of jewelry accessories, books, audio-video and phone bill communication need to be released before opening the store; 20 clothes, footwear bags and outdoor sports need to be released; Five contract machines in online game point cards and phone bill communication need to be released; The rest needs to be released.

2) Publish Product

2. Shop decoration

3. Online stores