Taobao agent operation

Main work contents of JD International agent operation

JD International Agency Operation
JD International Agency Operation means that JD merchants entrust the daily operation, management, marketing and promotion of stores to the agency operation company, which operates JD online stores for sellers 24 hours a day. After the seller entrusts the store to the agent operation, he only needs to be responsible for the delivery, and other work is operated by the agent operation.

Service content:

(1) Strategic diagnosis and consultation: e-commerce product selection and product system planning; Product pricing strategy; Marketing strategy planning;

(2) Store single service: platform entry, poster design, detail page design, home page design, whole store decoration, network market analysis, store copy, store diagnosis, professional customer service, commodity photography, etc;

(3) Store operation and promotion: store decoration (visual, design, copywriting, listing), store operation and maintenance (SEO optimization, price control, product management, etc.) that meet the specifications of JD Mall; On site and off site network marketing planning (SNS, forum, WeChat, microblog marketing, etc.);

(4) Marketing informatization construction: enterprise portal development, WeChat platform development, PC mall construction, WeChat mall construction, and WeChat marketing construction. Help traditional enterprises to become Internet based, help Internet enterprises to become e-commerce, and help e-commerce enterprises to become whole network marketing.

(5) E-commerce team training: provide e-commerce training services from settlement to operation on platforms such as Jingdong Mall.

(6) Overall e-commerce solutions: provide one-stop e-commerce solutions and software services for brand merchants and retailers, and assist merchants to get through the e-commerce sales chain.

Service Items:

Mall settlement, store decoration, store operation, website operation, SEO/SEM optimization, marketing promotion, mall construction, business consulting, overall hosting, consulting training, customer service outsourcing, art outsourcing, website planning, system development