Taobao agent operation

What are the promotion methods of JD International's agent operation?

JD International Agency Operation

Now, with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more consumers like to buy some overseas products. JD International on JD is also vigorously promoting, so many businesses also want to increase their sales of JD International stores. Today we will talk about the specific promotion methods of JD International's agent operation.

Paid traffic

1. Jingdong Express: Similar to Taobao's through car promotion, it is a real-time competitive advertising marketing product based on the promotion in Jingdong Station and pay per click (CPC). By bidding on search keywords or recommended advertising spaces, display your promotional products, activities or stores on the rich advertising spaces in JD. com.

2. Jingdong Booth: It is a photo display advertising and marketing product that supports precise orientation, including brand focus, Beijing selected brands, and brand booths. It is the best marketing promotion site of JD that gathers brand benefits. Massive brand exposure makes users quickly notice you! Whether it is brand building or event promotion, you can easily do it. direct delivery - it is to use other platforms to obtain traffic and charge per click, so that more consumers can know more about the product.

3. JD Overseas Investment: a one-stop traffic purchasing platform, with social platform resources covering PC end to mobile end, more than 1 billion active users every day, covering WeChat, mobile QQ, mobile Q browser, QQ client and other high-quality resource bits

4. Jingtiaoke: It is a marketing method of online products. Through Jingtiaoke, the products of Jingdong sellers can be known to more people and promoted. As long as you register with JD Alliance and become a JD Alliance user, you can use your own resources to help JD merchants promote.

5. Jingsoke: Jingsoke promotion is paid according to the transaction order, which can reduce the cost of some useless traffic, but the disadvantage is that the promotion channel is narrow and most of them are at a loss.

6. Jingshutui: It is an advertising promotion tool for all businesses. The ads promoted in Jingshutui will appear in all advertising spaces in Jingdong Station, helping businesses to obtain traffic to a large extent.

Free traffic

1. Keyword: Most of the traffic of the store comes from search traffic, which is based on words. However, some product keywords are important, while others are not so important. For example, the search for the key word "suit" is relatively low. At this time, you can customize a high conversion long tail word for suits, such as "suit coat" or "irregular suit coat", This kind of search is relatively high, and will also bring good traffic.

2. JD SEO: JD searches for dropdown words. In a short time, the larger the number of searches, the higher the ranking. The ranking changes in real time according to the market situation. Of course, this can also be manipulated manually. For example, if we want to use the dropdown word "suit coat", if we only rely on real consumers to search normally, the dropdown of this big word will take some time, but if there is a demand, The operators can achieve the secondary goal by thinking about the manipulation, thus leading to drainage.

3. Content marketing: This is aimed at the internal marketing of the JD platform, such as sending some buyer shows, goods, pre-sales, trials, and seckill. These contents will be displayed on the brand headlines, APP store pages, WeChat shopping, and Ju like. If you send more, you will have more exposure and more traffic.

4. Off site traffic: At present, it is more and more difficult to do on site traffic, and many generation operating companies have begun to start to deal with off site traffic, such as Xiaohongshu, Baidu SEO, Zhihu, Tiaoyin, Fasthand and other platforms. Through these platforms, you can put this word on Baidu's home page. With some product links and a wave of good articles, it can attract a lot of traffic.