Taobao agent operation

What are the contents of Tmall's agent operation services?

Tmall agent operation

With the development of e-commerce industry in today's society, many enterprises and companies have chosen online services, so there are more and more Tmall proxy operation services. So, what is Tmall proxy operation? What are the main service contents of Tmall's agent operation?

1. Overall planning of e-commerce:

On the basis of mining, through 360 degree insight analysis of the market, competitors, consumer research, and the enterprise itself, the company plans the overall e-commerce model, overall strategic objectives, development stage steps, investment and expected benefits, and clarifies its thinking and direction.

2. Store decoration trusteeship:

On the basis of the overall analysis and planning, through the overall integration planning and design of Tmall's overall structure, column division, process experience and visual style, the brand temperament and style of the store and customer shopping experience are highlighted. Combining the industry characteristics and Taobao shopping network cultural characteristics, through the organic combination of emotional and rational ideas, we plan and design the most marketable product treasure page, so as to effectively improve the product conversion rate.

3. Promotion and operation:

With the introduction of target traffic as the core of the promotion operation, Taobao adopts free promotion in Taobao, tool advertising promotion in Taobao, whole network auxiliary promotion and other methods to bring a large number of effective target customers to stores, achieve the maximum promotion effect with the minimum investment, and achieve the dual effect of sales and brand promotion. The specific ways include Taobao keyword optimization, creating blockbusters, launching direct trains, and registering for Taobao activities.

4. Customer service and reception

The whole process of selecting products from customers, communicating with customer service, placing orders and paying, receiving goods, and evaluating is the buyer's shopping process. As customer service, you should be familiar with the details of each step; Customer service personnel should master the tools and software of the store skillfully. Whether it is the use of Qianniu, the function of plug-ins, or auxiliary software, these are indispensable tools to improve work efficiency; Clearly understand the rules of consumer protection and abide by the rules and regulations, so that consumers and stores can achieve win-win results;