Taobao agent operation

How to promote Tmall stores

Tmall agent operation
Although Tmall is said to be a little more tonal than Taobao's platform, the platform is also highly competitive. It does not mean that the traffic will flow in continuously after opening Tmall stores. It can only be said that the population quality and consumption level of Tmall's platform are higher than those of Taobao's platform. We need not only natural traffic in our usual flow introduction process, It also needs the cooperation of paid promotion.
Not only Tmall, but also every platform can not do without the promotion of paid promotion, because paid promotion is not only effective, but also fast, increasing production, so that stores can get more exposure and click. The only difference is that the opening plan is different, and the direction and idea of promotion are different. The most important thing is to control costs and improve production, How to get the maximum profit with the least amount, and how should Tmall promote it?

First, do a good job in market research. Before making a plan, do a good job of product research, including the determination of keywords, the selection of main tweets, and the promotion price. This will not only lead to high click costs, but also lead to no flow and effect of money. Therefore, the store should not open the promotion at the beginning, but do more research.

Secondly, make a good store plan. At the beginning of the promotion, you must select the product, determine the popular keywords, main search words, and attribute words of your product title, and make a good plan of how much you should spend every day and how much you should bid for each plan. Every day, you need to adjust according to the actual situation.

Finally, ensure that the balance is sufficient. During the promotion period, ensure that the expenses are sufficient. It is best not to interrupt during the promotion period. Otherwise, once the traffic is interrupted, it will take a long time to recover, and the effect may not be as good as the original.