Taobao agent operation

Nanjing Pinduo multi generation operation: professional technology, effect payment, listed enterprises

Agent operation information

Yiya Network ----- Pinduoduo official first batch of designated store agent operators

1、 Advantages of EasyAsia online store hosting company:

Yiya online store trusteeship from sixteen In, we have focused on the construction of Pinduoduo. Today, we have a strong professional team. Our company is really doing every online store for customers. We will not simply register customers, but promise to end up in Taishan. Yiya online store hosting company is a strong team with the spirit of not fearing failure and hardship. We firmly believe in the development prospect of online store hosting industry and the satisfaction of every customer we serve. Time flies, and the hosting of Yiya online store will continue to work hard as time goes by. The hosting of Yiya online store will let the world know us and know us. Because we have always been very responsible for making their online store for every customer, we have always been very responsible. I believe that in the future, the hosting of Yiya online store will also be recognized by you.

Our advantages With strong brand and network resources of Pinduoduo , And its own service innovation and strong information processing technology advantages in the field of network sales and management;

Significance of online store hosting Online store trusteeship has developed rapidly, and online store trusteeship came into being. In this era of Internet development, customers will recognize any industry with sustainable development, because online store hosting is one of the services that customers need. Many cost issues will be taken into consideration when starting an online store, such as time cost, management cost, promotion cost, etc.

In the near future, our company will launch online store hosting VIP Customer exclusive service to help the seller completely say goodbye to inexperienced, traffic free and time free Three no era New operation mode, one-on-one service, seamless connection between the two cities. two thousand and twelve Enjoying e-commerce in 2008, led by Yiya!   More services: online store outsourcing, online store decoration, customer service outsourcing, optimization of operation, etc  

2、 Which sellers are more suitable for hosting in the E-Asia online store:

There are products but no sales. The products are not informationized and have never been exposed to e-commerce.
There are physical stores and want to do Pinduoduo online stores, but the technology is not perfect enough, or there is no time to manage and promote.
The existing Pinduoduo online store is not well operated and is not worth full-time investment in this profession.
There are Pinduoduo online stores, which operate well, and need to recruit professionals to take care of the store.
There are Pinduoduo online stores with good operation, but they still have jobs. They don't want to give up their jobs and online stores.

There are Pinduoduo online stores with good operation, but the customer group is only Pinduoduo, and wants to expand the whole global network.

According to the official of Yiya Network, trusteeship The significance is to help small and medium-sized sellers get rid of the problems such as large investment in opening stores, slow effectiveness, and unprofessional staff, and to entrust the stores to the trusteeship of professional Yiya online stores. Through a series of publicity and promotion, the sellers' stores can improve their core competitive advantages and remain invincible in the industry.

Yiya Network is a professional listed company operating Pinduoduo online stores on behalf of Pinduoduo. It is a formal company authorized by Pinduoduo + The cooperation mode of sales commission has a combination of business, art, promotion CRM , data analysis, customer service and other professional online store operators to provide a comprehensive one-stop e-commerce solutions for brands and retailers, help enterprises quickly establish new online sales channels, and occupy a larger market share with less investment. Based on the principle of Customer first, mutual cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win Our aim is to serve customers, make progress actively and achieve a win-win situation. What we provide is a more reliable and advantageous service. We don't want to receive many customers. Our goal is to do a good job in every store we receive!
Qingdao Yiya Network is looking forward to your participation. Qingdao Yiya shares the wealth feast with its national partners!